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Magdalene by Angela Hunt

I just now finished this book and had to update to the community about it. It is an amazing book, and I thoroughly loved the mixture of Hebrew and Roman story lines. I have copied and pasted the Amazon.com synopsis below, and highly recommend that you all check out this book!

From Booklist
*Starred Review* Angered by the assertions of The Da Vinci Code (2003)--in particular, that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene--Hunt tells the traditional story, more or less, of Mary Magdalene. The "more or less" would be that Hunt turns Mary into a staunch feminist and downplays her history as a prostitute. She is Yeshua's shrewd advisor and helpmate, no more. And she is an interesting woman, though more interesting than Mary, in the end, is the Roman soldier Atticus. He takes the same role that Macellus did in The Robe (1993), that is, the doubting enemy brought into the fold. In any case, Hunt has turned in a solid effort, one of her best, though it seems unlikely it will have any effect on the Dan Brown tidal wave. John Mort
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Book Description
Mary Magdalene

The controversial woman with a past only one Man could forgive. A true love story that changed the face of history.

"I was Miryam of Magdala, seller of fine fabrics and wife of Yaakov the fisherman. With my husband and son, I held a place of honor among my countrymen until a company of rogue soldiers took everything from me. I might not be Roman, but I knew injustice when I saw it. And I had been most grievously wronged."

In an era when women are sequestered and silenced, Miryam of Magdala lives a contended life until her son’s careless gesture evokes a hostile action that shatters her serenity. With no hope of justice, Miryam commits and unthinkable act…and descends into depths of darkness that threaten her life and her sanity.

Even after Yeshua the Messiah dramatically restores her life, Miryam can neither forget nor forgive unresolved injustices. Prodded by a hunger for vengeance she will not deny, this woman of uncommon courage risks her life and her heart by drawing destiny into her own hands.
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