Emiliana Marisa (blueroseangel) wrote in womensfiction,
Emiliana Marisa

my first post

I just finished a trilogy by Philippa Gregory. "Wideacre," "the Favored Child," and "Meridon." Does anyone know if all of her books are of similar style, with lead female characters and relationships? Has anyone read these? I think they portray women in a very interesting way. I can't say it's negative, because the characters are very dynamic. I loved these because they kept me reading right up to the end, and the first two books left me frustrated with the ending, but she wrapped them all up very nicely in the third book. Any thoughts?

about me: I just finished a fast-paced bachelors degree program, and loving my freetime again. Plenty of time to read and relax, and take in literature. :)
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